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Professional Development Series

Every year the College of Business places a great focus on preparing our students for the professional environment. Our Office of Student Engagement and Success hosts a professional development series focusing on topics like resume writing, networking, mock interviews, and holds an etiquette luncheon where students participate in a formal business luncheon. See the Spring 2018 schedule below and check back soon for Fall 2018 registration opportunities.

Next Level Leadership: What Employers Want (January 31)
In today’s world, organizations are looking for more than education and in-depth job knowledge. They’re looking for leaders. Managers want to see you demonstrate leadership before they promote you. In this workshop you will be able to ask yourself which competencies are most critical for you and which competencies need development. Are you an individual who demonstrates a deep understanding of people? Are you a risk-taker with an eye for opportunity and the ability to take advantage of innovations? Are you striving for greatness  and working hard to achieve your goals? The next level job depends on your next level leadership.

Understanding Generational Differences  (March 1)
The largest diversity of generations is represented in today's workplace than at any other time in history. With this diversity comes new challenges. Employers are struggling to balance the different needs and working styles of these distinct generations. By focusing on research about the character traits of workers in each generation, and identifying the types of conflict that can result, managers can better understand these characteristics and work styles, and can leverage them to enhance both team and organizational success. The purpose of this workshop is to analyze the specific challenges, and also opportunities, inherent in managing and working in a multigenerational workforce. 


This Professional Development Series is proudly brought to you by our corporate partner ASE Credit Union.