Information Systems

Information Systems Degree

The program of study in information systems (IS) is designed to prepare students to be business-oriented, technically proficient IS professionals who can perform and eventu­ally lead systems analysis, systems development and technology management activities, using state-of-the-art, web-based and traditional software tools and design methodolo­gies.

Students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze and under­stand business problems and apply information technology to help solve these prob­lems. Students will learn how to analyze client needs, define systems to meet these needs, develop applications, manage operations and act as technical intermediaries between management and other technical staff. Courses require extensive hands-on projects, teamwork and use of high-end technology in labs. People attracted to IS enjoy solving puzzles, being involved in creative tasks, are comfortable around technology and like change. Skills required for success in IS are analytical thinking, good oral and written communication and teamwork. IS professionals often deal with a number of tasks simultaneously, consequently the ability to concentrate and pay close attention to details is important.

Information Systems Specialization

Students in the information systems curriculum take a common body of INFO courses beyond the College of Business core. In addition, four elective courses allow students to tailor their studies to a particular area of interest. Study within the infor­mation systems area is broken into an infrastructure option or an applications option. Students can focus on two areas of emphasis within each of these option areas.



One Programming Language (depending on interest) 
INFO 3560 Database Systems 
INFO 3700 Data Communication
INFO 4800 Project Management
INFO Electives 12 
Total Hours 24 

Infrastructure Option Requirements

INFO 4200 Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning 
INFO 4560 Database Administration 
INFO Electives
Total Hours 12 

Students interested in data administration and communication will be required to take INFO 2100 Networking systems as a business elective and INFO 3200 C++ as their programming language. Electives include INFO 4000, INFO 4400, or INFO 4410.

Students interested in data storage management will be required to take INFO 2100 Networking Systems (can be used as a business elective) and INFO 3200 C++ as their programming language. Electives include INFO 4100 and INFO 4150.

Application Option Requirements 

Programming Language 
INFO 4780 Systems Analysis, Design, & Implementation
INFO Electives
Total Hours 12 

Students interested in system development, will be required to take INFO 3000 Java I as their programming language. Electives include INFO 3010 Java II as second pro­gramming language and two elective courses that use Microsoft .Net (e.g., INFO 3800, INFO 3810 or INFO 3200).

Students interested in a general information systems degree will have the most flex­ibility in choosing among all electives. Students should speak with information systems faculty regarding appropriate combinations of electives for this area of emphasis.

Information Systems Club

For more information about the Information Systems Club contact the club advisor Dr. Tom Griffin at 334-244-3304 or email

Career Possibilities

Network Administrator
Network Architect
Project Manager
Systems Analyst
Systems Administrator
Help Desk Technician
Network Security Specialist
Disaster Recovery Specialist
Database Administrator
Database Architect
SAN Specialist
Chief Information Officer

Internship Opportunities

AUM Center for Advanced Technology
Department of Defense
Montgomery Cancer Center




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