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AUM’s College of Business fosters a collaborative learning environment promoting innovative, effective business practices that positively impact our stakeholders by preparing students for successful careers.



Marketing Degree

The importance of marketing is amplified by the fact that marketing activities consti­tute one-half of the total cost of an average product and that a marketing orientation is linked with the purpose of any business or organization; that is, serving customer needs. The program of study in marketing provides the knowledge students need to successfully create customer value in a dynamic environment. Creating customer value requires a balance between thinking logically and creatively, and the marketing special­ization challenges students to do both. Students also have opportunities to develop interpersonal and communication capabilities, and valuable skills in demand by local, national and international employers.

Marketing Specialization

Students in the marketing specialization take a common body of MKTG courses beyond the College of Business core. In addition, elective courses allow each student to tailor his or her studies to a particular area of interest. Students are encouraged to work with the Marketing Department head to choose these electives. Students can also choose to focus on hospitality and tourism as an option within the marketing special­ization.


Hospitality and Tourism Option

The hospitality and tourism option includes the basic core MKTG courses in the mar­keting specialization; however MKTG 4924 – Internship in Marketing is also required. In addition, students in this option will focus on the hospitality and tourism industry when completing the major projects in MKTG 4360, MKTG 4410 and MKTG 4780.


Marketing Club

Get involved by joining the Marketing Club, whose activities include scientific study and research, developing sound thinking in marketing theory and discussing legislation and judicial decisions related to the practice of marketing. For information, contact Dr. Mahmoud Darrat at

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