The AUM College of Business prepares diverse, ethical business leaders through an engaged educational experience paired with collaborative research and service.


Auburn Montgomery’s College of Business offers Management and Human Resource Management concentrations that provide real-world skills and give graduates a competitive edge across industry sectors and business disciplines. These programs offer courses that develop the technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills required to be successful in leadership roles in private and public organizations.

Management and Human Resource Management majors engage in a challenging curriculum centered on skill-building in leadership, diversity, and managing human resources. A  student may elect to take courses that develop skills in leadership, human resource management, industrial management, entrepreneurship, and small business management. You may also elect to participate in internships which provide practical experience in the field.


Degrees in the Department of Management

The Department of Management has two degree concentrations that fall under the department's responsibility:

  • Management Degree
  • Human Resource Management Degree

Management Degree

The management concentration is designed to prepare students to respond to the op­portunities and demands of a highly competitive world. The program gives students the knowledge and skills that are universally needed to be successful in leadership roles in any organization. The curriculum builds a knowledge base that includes the latest ideas in management thought and practice, with a particular emphasis on acquiring critical people management skills.

Beyond the required management courses, you can tailor your program to fit a wide variety of professional and personal development needs. For example, you may elect to take courses that develop your leadership and people management skills, skills in industrial management and entrepreneurship, as well as small business management. You may also elect to participate in internships which provide practical experience in the field.


HRSM 3150 Human Resource Management


MNGT 4500 Leadership for a Changing World


MNGT Elective


HRSM Elective


Total Hours


See academic advising for list of MNGT Electives.

Management Club

Society for Advancement of Management (SAM Club) – A professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the discipline. It's membership includes practitioners, educators and students worldwide who share a common interest in learning solutions to management problems. SAM Campus Chapter give students a head start in management training, developed skills in motivation, interpersonal relationships, and communication. For more information contact club advisor Dr. Scott Kiker at 334-244-3313 or

Human Resource Management Degree

The B.S.B.A. in Human Resource Management prepares students to meet the challenges of a specialized career in human resources or general management. The program is affiliated with the National Society for Human Resources Management and has a curriculum that presents state-of-the-art practices in human resource management. Students are provided with the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in this constantly changing field.

The HRM major covers the principal functional areas of HRM: recruiting, selection, compensation and benefits, training, safety and health, and employee and labor relations.

The six-course HRM core requires work in personnel management, selection, labor relations, compensation, training, and labor law. Beyond the six-required HRM courses, students can tailor their program with the choice of two HRSM elective courses. In addition, the department coordinates several internships with local employers.


HRSM 3150 Human Resource Management


HRSM 4000 Compensation Management


HRSM 4050 Employment Law


HRSM 4440 Labor Management Relations


HRSM 4610 Human Resource Development, Evaluation, & Safety


HRSM 4600 Employee Recruitment & Selection


HRSM Electives




See academic advising for list of HRSM Electives.


Human Resource Management Club

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM Club) – The campus chapter helps acquaints students with the fields of HRM and labor relations and keeps students up-to-date on new developments in the field of HRM. The club's mission is to develop a nucleus of truly professional human resource managers for the future. For more information contact the club advisor Dr. Neville Duarte at 334-244-3518 or You can also find information by e-mailing or by adding SHRM AUM Chapter on Facebook.

Management and Human Resource Management Career Possibilities

  • Corporate & Governmental Leadership
  • Service Organization Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Small Business Management
  • Non-profit Management
  • Consulting

Internships Opportunities

  • Rheem
  • Kelly Services
  • The Alabama Primary Health Care Association (APHCA)
  • East Alabama Medical Center

For more information, please click on the brochure below or contact the faculty and staff

Management Brochure