The AUM College of Business prepares diverse, ethical business leaders through an engaged educational experience paired with collaborative research and service.


International Business 

The global economy continues to rapidly expand, and therefore the demand for international business education is higher than ever. Educated individuals who have an understanding of the global diversity existing in the corporate world today are valuable participants in global business ventures. Today companies need individuals who can understand how to work within a setting surrounded by different languages, and who can take into account the broader perspective of trade regulations of different governing bodies.

The BSBA integrated curriculum helps students to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the environmental aspects of international business in a variety of contexts, including socio-cultural, political, financial, and economic.
  • critically synthesizing, analyzing, and interpreting data to use in effective decision-making.
  • gain an understanding of the international dimensions of business functions, including marketing, finance, management, and operations.
  • critically analyze and communicate complex business issues in multinational markets.

This program combines training in a multitude of business skills with language skills and an appreciation for cultural differences that affect business relationsin the global marketplace.


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