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AUM’s College of Business fosters a collaborative learning environment promoting innovative, effective business practices that positively impact our stakeholders by preparing students for successful careers.



The College of Business is constantly evolving its academic programs to keep pace with the changing business world. Beginning Fall 2016 the College of Business will offer a new program – Entrepreneurship. The curriculum for this major is designed to provide students with opportunities for growth and development inside and outside the classroom, preparing them to identify and pursue your academic and career goals.

Graduates of the BSBA in Entrepreneurship will be able to seek self-employment in their own business start-ups after graduation. In addition, they will be able to seek employment in corporate jobs that are focused on new venture development, valuation, and acquisition.


Entrepreneurship students will:

1) Exhibit knowledge of concepts necessary for the development of an effective, innovative business plan

2) Demonstrate the capacity to identify and acquire the resources needed for the creation and implementation of a new venture, including financial, human, and managerial resources.

3) Understand risk and its effect on new ventures and analyze financial data to support business decisions and assessment of business strategies.

4) Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and understand potential market behaviors that would enhance value creation and profitability.

5) Demonstrate competency of the entrepreneurial process – from idea generation to the commercialization and implementation of the new business venture.

The College of Business has devoted time and effort to build and strengthen its relationship with business leaders throughout the River Region. This is a benefit to our students, as their connections to other entrepreneurs, as well as their overall network, will continue to grow with each passing year. And, not only in the River Region but across the South East. Planted in the heart of the State, College of Business students benefit from, and are keenly aware of, changing legislation as it relates to business. Over the past few year the Alabama State Government has increased emphasis on seeding start-ups and promoting small businesses and the State of Alabama outpaced the nation in women-owned businesses. Furthermore, Alabama is rated #4 in Top States of Doing Business (2013), and the neighboring Town of Pike Road, located in Montgomery County, was named the #1 fastest growing city in Alabama. 

For more information, please contact the faculty and staff in the Department of Business Administration.