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AUM’s College of Business fosters a collaborative learning environment promoting innovative, effective business practices that positively impact our stakeholders by preparing students for successful careers.


Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS)

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS) is a STEM program combining technical knowledge and management skills with concentrations in Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business and Data Analytics. 

The MSMIS program introduces students to a challenging field focused on integrating information technology and organizational processes to meet the needs of businesses and other enterprises. Professionals who understand how to strategically and effectively use information systems in organizations are in high demand. Because our graduates make a significant contribution to the competitiveness and well-being of the organizations in which they work after graduation, they command very competitive salaries.

Both our ERP and Business and Data Analytics concentrations are SAP University Alliance programs. Students who complete the required SAP courses are eligible to receive an SAP University Alliances Student Recognition Award (formerly known as the SAP Certificate) signed by the SAP University Alliances (UA) Program Manager and the Department Chair of Information Systems. These students satisfy the education requirements to enter SAP´s TERP10 certification process.

Why SAP University Alliance?

SAP University Alliances is a global program enabling more than 3,200 educational institutions in over 111 countries to integrate the latest SAP technologies into teaching.

SAP University Alliance Program

SAP University Alliances member schools gain access to the SAP Business Suite family of solutions, including SAP ERP. This comprehensive business software suite enables students to put classroom theory into practice through demonstrations, exercises and problem-solving, case studies, and research investigations. Our students gain insight into how SAP and other enterprise solutions can empower a business to optimize key processes such as accounting and controlling, human capital management, materials management, and sales and distribution. 



MSMIS Concentrations

Information Systems Concentration

Students in the Information Systems concentration are exposed to a curriculum focused on leadership qualities and attributes, such as the ability to be a visionary, motivator, decision maker, and communicator. Career opportunities for these graduates can include chief information officer, chief technology officer, and information systems consultant.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Concentration

Students in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concentration learn how to integrate all the business processes of different departments and functions across a company onto a single management of information systems (MIS).  The systems optimize departments and processes operational efficient decision making and financial benefit of the company. Graduates with this concentration will be prepared to assist companies in the selection, implementation, and support of ERP systems. 

Business and Data Analytics Concentration

Students in the Business and Data analytics concentration learn how to provide managerial, analytical, and technical skills needed to gather data, store and organize the data, analyze the data using programming tools and quantitative methods, and use the resulting information to make decisions that will allow an organization to improve business performance and gain a competitive advantage. Graduates with this concentration will be prepared to take on careers as business analysts and data scientist in the functional and technical areas within an organization.  These careers are in great demand in the current local and national job markets. 

MSMIS Program Requirements
MSMIS Program Requirements

MSMIS Core Courses
INFO 5880 Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage
INFO 6100 Enterprise Information Systems
INFO 6410 Information Security
INFO 6790 Innovation Strategy

Select One Concentration in MSMIS
Information Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Business and Data Analytics

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Eligible candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, in any discipline, from an accredited four-year institution (or a recognized equivalent from an accredited institution). Applicants’ previous academic record and GMAT or GRE score will be a consideration for admission.

Our program is scheduled with all students in mind, thus courses are offered as evening classes to accommodate a busy schedule. Courses are taught with the innovative teaching methods of discussions, review of current articles, real-world cases, team projects, and flipped classrooms.

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For more information on the MSMIS program contact David Ang, department head, at 334-244-3308 or, or Jennifer Taylor, assistant director of graduate programs, at 334-244-3587 or