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MBA infographic
MBA Degree

The MBA degree from Auburn Montgomery's College of Business is earned by successfully completing a ten-course program. The program may require as many as eleven basic mini-courses to be taken as prerequisites to the ten-course program for those without business undergraduate degrees. An undergraduate degree in any field and a GMAT score is required for admission to the MBA program. The core and elective courses in the program are carefully selected based on the needs of employers, and the courses are offered in the evenings in both a traditional classroom and hybrid classroom/online format. Traditional classes meet twice per week, and hybrid classes meet just once per week, supplemented with outside assignments. Candidates seeking entry to the MBA program should plan to do well on the GMAT, make a coursework commitment, and secure funds to pay tuition and fees. 

GMAT Score

This program is open to graduates from any field who have demonstrated capability to undertake graduate study. Evidence considered includes undergraduate degree transcripts and acceptable scores on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). International students must also meet the admissions criteria as listed in the Auburn Montgomery Graduate Catalog. For application deadline information contact Jennifer Taylor at

Coursework Commitment

Most students take two years to complete their MBA degree. However, completion time varies from just over one year to more than two years, depending on the number of courses students take each semester and their educational background. The number of courses students choose to take usually varies by the demands of work and family. The number of course students are required to take depends of the extent of their undergraduate education in business. Students whose undergraduate major was in business are usually exempted from some or all of the Basic Program mini-courses. Students who have an adequate background in any of the basic program courses listed below may be exempted from courses by the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs or the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs. Students who lack an adequate background may take some or all of the following mini-courses (all mini-courses are half-term courses). 

Basic Program Mini-Courses                                                                                Semester Hours

ACCT 6010 Financial Accounting Concepts 1.5
ACCT 6020 Managerial Accounting Concepts 1.5
MNGT 6000 Survey of Management 1.5
MKTG 6000 Survey of Marketing 1.5
MNGT 6010 Survey of Business Law 1.5
ECON 6010 Survey of Microeconomic Analysis 1.5
ECON 6020 Survey of Macroeconomic Analysis 1.5
QMTD 6000 Operations Management 1.5
ECST 6100 Business Statistics 1.5
INFO 6070 Introduction to Management Information Systems 1.5
FINA 6000 Survey of Finance 1.5

Total Hours Basic Program


The business core is taken by all students and consists of the following courses:

Courses Semester Hours

ACCT 6220 Managerial Applications of Accounting Information 3
FINA 6630 Financial Valuation: Models and Applications 3
MKTG 6150 Marketing Management 3
ECON 6080 Economics of Decision Making in a Global Environment 3
ECST 6740 Data Analysis for Managers 3
MNGT 6150 Managing People 3
MNGT 6800 Strategic Analysis for Competitive Advantage 3

Total Hours Core Program


In addition to the MBA basic and core programs, students will take elective courses allowing them to select work in a particular area of interest. Students must take three (3) electives from any approved graduate business courses for a total of nine (9) additional credit hours.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee information is available from AUM's cashier's office (334-244-3286). Additional financial information, including financial aid and scholarships can be obtained from AUM's financial aid office (334-244-3571). For more information on the MBA program, please contact Jennifer Taylor at 334-244-3587 or