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Executive MBA (Off-Campus)

The Executive MBA degree program currently being delivered off-campus was developed especially for qualified employees of the East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, Alabama. Admission to the program does not require a GMAT exam score, but does require professional experience. Individuals admitted to the program will earn an MBA degree after successfully completing a two-year program of study. The program of study begins with a one-semester series of five non-credit preparatory courses. After completion of the preparatory courses, the program requires a total of ten courses taken for credit, with two courses taken in each semester. The ten courses taken for credit were carefully selected based on the needs of employers, especially those in healthcare. Classes for the program meet during work hours at a facility operated by East Alabama Medical Center, and are supplemented with distance learning assignments, readings, cases, and topic discussions. Eligible candidates must have professional work experience with East Alabama Medical Center, make a two-year commitment to a rigorous program of study, and pay their required contribution toward a total cost of $22,900. 

Professional Experience

Eligible candidates for the program must be selected, designated, and employed by East Alabama Medical Center. In addition, all eligible candidates must have both an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university and professional work experience. The professional work experience required has a target of at least five years of work experience subsequent to earning an undergraduate degree. Initial screening for professional experience is done at East Alabama Medical Center, then additional screening is done at Auburn University at Montgomery. Eligible candidates must submit transcripts that verify degrees earned and show grades in coursework. Grades in coursework may also be considered in the decision process for acceptance into the program. An advantage of entering the Executive MBA program compared to the MBA program is that the professional experience requirement replaces the GMAT test score. Eligible candidates are not required to supply a GMAT test score.

Two Year Commitment

The two-year commitment started in the Summer of 2016 and ends in the Spring of 2018. The Summer 2016 semester has five leveling courses. Starting in the Fall of 2016, each semester will have two core courses. Class meetings for courses are on Wednesdays and Fridays from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the East Alabama Medical Center Education Center, 2027 Pepperell Parkway, Opelika, Alabama, 36801. The class meetings are supplemented with online readings, cases, and topic discussions. Classes meet according to the following schedule:

Summer 2016 Semester
Management leveling course, Mary Kiker, Ph.D., meets Wednesdays, May 4 and 18.

Marketing leveling course, Venessa Funches, Ph.D., meets Fridays, May 27 and 10.

Accounting leveling course, Keren Deal, Ph.D., meets Wednesdays, June 15 and 29.

Statistics leveling course, Ken Linna, Ph.D., meets Fridays, July 8 and 22.

Finance leveling course, Joe Newman, Ph.D., meets Wednesdays, July 27 and August 10. 

Fall 2016 Semester

Managerial Applications of Accounting Information, ACCT 6220, Keren Deal, Ph.D. meets Wednesdays, August 17 and 31; September 14 and 28; October 12 and 26; and November 30. 

Business and Administrative Communication, BUSN 6100, Kimberly Johnson, Ph.D., meets Fridays, August 26; September 9 and 23; October 7 and 21; November 4 and 18; and December 2.

Spring 2017 Semester

Managing People, MNGT 6150, Mary Kiker, Ph.D., meets Wednesdays, January 17 and 31; February 14 and 28; March 14 and 28; April 11 and 25.

Financial Valuation: Models and Applications, FINA 6630, Joe Newman, Ph.D., meets Fridays, January 27; February 10 and 24; March 10 and 24; April 7 and 21; and May 5.

Summer 2017 Semester

Information Resource Management, INFO 6250, Jim Ryan, Ph.D., Wednesdays, May 3, 17, and 31; June 14 and 28; July 12 and 26; and August 9.

Marketing Management, MKTG 6150, Venessa Funches, Ph.D., Fridays, May 12 and 26; June 9 and 23; July 7 and 21; August 4 and 18.

Fall 2017 Semester
Managing the Legal Environment, MNGT 6400, White, J.D., meets Wednesdays, August 23; September 6 and 20; October 4 and 18; November 1, 15, and 29.

Operations Research, QMTD 6750, David Ang, Ph.D., meets Fridays, September 1, 15, and 29; October 13 and 29; November 10; and December 1 and 15.

Spring 2018 Semester

Special Problems in Healthcare Organizations, MNGT 6970, Roger Ritvo, Ph.D., Wednesdays, January 17 and 31; February 14 and 28; March 21 and 28; April 11 and 25.

Strategic Analysis, 6800, MNGT Scott Kiker, Ph.D., meets Fridays, January 19 and 26; February 9 and 23; March 9 and 23; April 6 and 20.

The two-year commitment also involves real project analyses. Real project analyses may be done on either issues internal or external to East Alabama Medical Center, but will be related to healthcare. Speakers will be invited for each semester of core courses. These projects and speakers and projects are opportunities for members of the Executive MBA cohort to obtain experience in the application of course concepts and calculations that are worth putting on a resume and allow for networking with executives for suggestions on how to pursue various career paths.    

    Total Cost $22,900

    The total cost, including tuition and fees, for the Executive MBA is $22,900. East Alabama Medical Center employees who are approved for this program are provided partial scholarships for a portion of the program cost, while the other portion is the responsibility of the employee.

    Opportunity for Your Own Executive MBA off-campus Program
    If you would like to discuss the possibility of your own Executive MBA program for a group of professionals held off-campus, please email or call Jennifer Taylor at (334) 244-3587.